Tips For Choosing Welding Helmets With Auto Darkening Features

Posted onJanuary 29, 2018 in Blog

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Auto-darkening welding helmet is a boon to welders. It saves time and effort when it comes to flipping the goggles up and down every time between welds. Welding helmets are a necessity as it makes work easy and comfortable. Maximize your welding productivity with the help of auto-darkening helmets. One single use will never take you to the old style ever. Flash burns affect your eyes and any flaw in the helmet can affect your eye says
Flipping the lens is a major concern with traditional welding helmets, and hence it is turning unpopular these days. They lose valuable time, and it is often cumbersome to use.

Welders agree that traditional welding helmets are preferred when working outdoors. But the truth here is most welders work indoors in different lighting conditions. The auto darkening helmets are the ideal choice for long-term use. The most significant advantage is that the solar panel above the lens that is activated once you hit the natural light. The auto darkening helmet comes with an adjuster. There is a shade option of 8-13 you can choose from. The welder helmets have to be switched off before each job. These type of helmets are found across the globe.

The auto darkening welding helmets is available from the very basic to the most elaborate. These helmets come with the ability to adapt to light sensitivity and are every welder’s dream. The helmets are convenient to use and leave you with zero distraction. Companies are adopting this type of helmets to give their welders convenience and confidence. It helps the welder to complete the project on time. Using an auto-darkening welding helmet is a win-win situation for all. The workers feel that the employer has a sense of well-being for them and this helps them perform better. Despite being an expensive investment company can end up profitable in the long term. Pay a little extra for your helmets, and you are sure to benefit from the deal.

Disadvantages of traditional welding helmets
· Potential injuries are high
· Reduced productivity
· Slower turnaround time
· Increased clean up after welding
· Poor motivation
· Increased stress

The traditional welding helmets weighed an average of two pounds each and are associated with career-threatening injuries. The jolting motion of the helmet is responsible for the injuries. Some companies even faced severe compensation for workplace injuries.

Auto-darkening helmets are of comparatively lesser weight and take the pressure off the welder’s neck. It roughly weighs 18 ounces. The latest helmet designs are structurally strong. The price factor was the only hindrance in procuring the helmet, but when compared to the safety features, convenience and increased rate of productivity, the cost is a nonentity. According to Forbes, the operator safety and the increased productivity is the reason for companies like EM&C investing in the auto darkening helmet. The weld quality has also increased drastically with the use of the helmet followed by reduced rework rates. It is no more considered an unnecessary extravagance as the opinion on the auto darkening helmet is shifting steadily and it is turning into a legitimate investment.

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