Know Some Facts About Grow Tents

Posted onJune 5, 2017 in Blog

We live in the world where space has become a dearer to many of us. Garden lovers have difficulty in developing their interest in gardening. It is extremely tough to grow plants in an apartment as it has very limited outside space. The concept of grow tent is handy for such garden lovers. A grow tent 3×3 size helps the passionate garners as it is known to be versatile and also seems to be highly cost effective. For more information about the grow tents, readers and the concerned individuals can browse the website If anyone is interested in setting up a grow tent in his or her home, this article will sure to provide some valuable inputs. Read on to know more details about the popular grow tents.

A paradigm shift

With the growing demands of these grow tents, the interests of several horticultural hobbyists has seen a paradigm shift from the backyard to the back room or even a front room in his or her home. One can point out many reasons for this shift of relocation from outdoor gardening to indoor gardening. Things like hydroponics make these garden lovers to have an ‘all-four-season ‘gardening that offers higher yields and pest free environment. The aspect of hydroponics has come in a big way as it offers innumerable benefits and is changing the way people do gardening. Bringing the garden to indoor requires a new and comprehensive approach to cultivation than merely sticking the seedlings into the ground. The grow tent, seems to be the right innovation that has helped many passionate indoor gardeners.

Know the basics of the grow tent

A basic grow tent is known to be an innovative structure comprising of a lightweight, hexagonal fabric exterior built with a solid frame with few electrical ports. A grow tent is mostly made out of plastic and is surrounded by a set of polls. It looks just like a camping tent. The interior color of this type of tent is white and the outer color is black in order to absorb and reflect light.

Overall, the tent offers better ventilation. There are innumerable varieties of grow tents available in the market offering various sizes and features for different budgets and applications. A complete grow tent package included the tent, onboard lighting and other essentials to make the startup fast. Today’s grow tents are nicely designed in such a way to cater the needs of multiple hydroponic as well the soil pot arrangements using a wide range of other gadgets.

This kind of tent doesn’t include any instruments and is reasonable in price, very simple to conjoin and doesn’t require any additional work. The procedure used for producing grow tents is quite simple and hence there are many firms are entering into the field of hydroponics grow tents. Grow tent is more of a cover and one needs to purchase the hydroponic systems, fans, carbon scrubber and various types of other instruments to convert one’s tent into a fully facilitated one. If one decides to own grow tents, one has to manage the hydroponics structure.

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