Getting A Basic Understanding Of Liposuction

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A cosmetic surgery that breaks and then sucks up fat from the body is called liposuction. It is also known by various other names lipo, liposculpture suction, lipoplasty or lipectomy. It can be done in multiple areas of the body running the whole gamut from abdomen to backs to arms to neck to chin to buttocks. For more Info on what to know if you are considering undergoing liposuction read this article. In this particular piece here, we will focus on giving you a gist of Liposuction and what it entails.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia where a hollow instrument called cannula is inserted in the skin. A vacuum is the then applied on the other end of the cannula to suck the fat out. The vacuum is sturdy with very high pressure. Doctors emphasize the fact that liposuction is not a technique for weight-loss. It is not to be considered as a treatment for overweight. The sole goal of lipo is aesthetics and better-looking body. It is recommended to people who have a stable weight yet would like to get rid of fat deposits from specific areas of the body.

Lipoplasty can alter and change the contour of the body by permanently removing fat cells. But, it cannot remove any stretch marks on, the skin or dimples and cellulite. Even the amount of fat that can be removed and still keep the body safe is severely limited. The risk of the surgery is directly related to the amount of fat that is removed from the body. If more than recommended fat is removed from the body, it can create dents and lumps on the skin. Like any other operation, liposuction can cause:
• Infection
• Scarring
• Numbness
Thinking that once the procedure of lipoplasty is done one need not follow a healthy lifestyle is foolhardy. If a proper regime is not developed, then the remaining fat cells will get bigger and hence the size of the body. Though it is one of the most common plastic surgery in the US, it is by no means the fast way to losing weight. It is a tool that is most effective when used in tandem with other weight loss techniques.

Think of lipo as a way to improve appearance. Do not imagine it to be a method to gain benefits for physical health. Those advantages can only be achieved by adopting a healthier lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular workout, and proper sleep. If you already follow all these steps and still are not comfortable with the way you look, then lipoplasty may be a good option for you. Consult a doctor before taking any drastic measures. Not all people can undergo the cosmetic procedure. You have to be a legal adult, in good health and not suffer from these conditions:
• coronary artery disease
• diabetes
An individual with a weak immune system is not considered to be a good patient for liposuction.

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