Causes Of Snoring In Women

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Snoring has been associated with men by the public in most cases. Interestingly this is not the case. According to recent studies, around 50 percent of the population snore, of which thirty per cent are males and twenty per cent are females. As you can see, the ladies are not far behind in this unfortunate race. Most people prefer to use different stop snoring devices to get some relief from this particular issue. Although the medical experts, state that all snoring devices do not work for everybody. You have to work your way through different devices to find which one works best for you.

The rough sound caused by the vibrations of the tissue in the mouth, throat and nose and the soft palate is called snoring. The disturbance caused in the airway during inhaling, causes the rough sound to emerge. This is usually caused by a partial blockage found somewhere along the vocal cords. As you fall asleep, the blockage gets worse due to lesser muscle tone to stop the vibration of the tissues. Whereas when you are awake the muscle tone helps to keep the airway in perfect order which results in no snoring when you are awake.

Here are a few facts about snoring issues in women:
· Of the women that snore, almost twenty percent are more likely to experience cardiac complications
· An overweight woman has a higher chance of developing snoring while sleeping than the others.
· Snoring that appears during pregnancy is most often linked to high blood pressure, which can be harmful to the baby.
· Women suffering from hypothyroid, any endocrine disorder or PCOD have a higher chance of snoring while asleep.
· Some women have reported cases where the snoring gets worse as they enter the menopausal age.

Snoring is not technically classified as an illness, but unfortunately, it can lead to other health issues, making it mandatory to get it treated as soon as possible. Most of the time , people assume that the close family of the snorer tends to have the worse and of the deal as they are kept up by the snoring sounds. Unfortunately, the snorer will also suffer from other medical issues like high blood pressure, cardiac related issues, sleep apnea and so on. It can also lead to loss of sleep in the snorer which can cause less focus during the day. This can lead to less productivity at work, cranky behavior and even irresponsible behavior in extreme cases.

Factors That Make Snoring Even Worse
· Lack of physical activity
· Alcohol, antidepressants, sleeping pills etc.
· Smoking
· Sleeping position
· Any kind of nasal allergies
· Double chin
· Larger than usual soft palate
· Septal deviations

As you grow older, your throat muscles tend to lose their strength and can cause the tissues around it to start sagging and vibrate as well. This can lead to developing snoring as time goes on. If you or your partner notices these changes as you grow older, it would be a good idea to consult a medical expert to determine the steps to be taken to fix the problem, especially if you are already having high blood pressure or heart-related issues.

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